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Washington Oaks Gardens State Park | Senior Photographer | The Wild Meadows
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        Having your senior photos taken at the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park (close to Palm Coast, FL) is a really good idea! It offers so many different spots throughout the park and the rocks on the beach are one of a kind! Those coquina rocks are what made Alexis choose this location to have her senior photos taken at. We got so lucky with the weather – the sky was so very, very pretty too.


        I love how much variety Alexis brought in terms of clothes. The first outfit was the more casual one with her senior year shirt but she also had some really chic ones with her. This way, we were able to capture diverse vibes which was so much fun! The dress at the end with the rocks – they go together perfectly, don’t you think? And can we please talk about that lavish hair? Those curls, so beautiful! Scroll down to see all the outfits!


        Talking about fun… we had SO much fun during the photo shoot. And this is what your senior photos should reflect! You having fun in life! I know that being in front of the camera is intimidating and feels weird at first but I will make sure to bring out those genuine smiles. Are you doing any kind of sport? Are you in theatre group? Any other hobby? Let’s have it show in your photos – bring those props!