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Tim | Senior | The Wild Meadows
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        It was in the early morning on a Sunday when we met to take Tim’s High School Senior photos. We did not realize it was going to be this cold and the wind definitely did not help at all. While Tim’s older sister and me were all bundled up behind the camera Tim braved the cold and made it look so easy!

        Tim attends a boarding school in Kansas but calls Florid his home. He was back home for a long weekend and I am so glad he took the time to take his senior photos with me! Despite the cold we had so much fun and tried to warm ourselves up with lots of laughter going on!

        What a great guy he is! And girls – just look at that smile, that smirk – cute! Tim is a smart guy and he is at the most exciting point in his life – he can do whatever he wants. The choice is all his! I am sure he will do great in whatever he will decide to do.