Intimate Wedding

"We want to celebrate with our closest friends and family only. Casual yet intimate setting." - And what happened was this lovingly curated and cute wedding.

Anja and Arno wanted to do things differently because they love the idea of the first look! Yes, perfect! I love it when couples decide to do that! It gives them this intimate moment all by themselves (well.. I am there too but I try to not make them feel like I am).

The moment when the groom turns around and sees his bride for the first time. So many feelings during those first couple of seconds. It's such a nice memory to look back to. Just look at Arno's face! He was just so stunned by his beautiful bride and kept telling her how gorgeous she looks. And oh boy, she did! Her dainty dress was perfect for her.

The place where they asked me to do the bride and groom photos at was where they had their first couple shoot at! What a cute idea!  And so nice that they now can compare the older photos with those - past and present. I love that idea!!

Nothing came randomly this day, everything was well planned and thought out for this very special day. The minister that married the two has known Arno since he was child. Last stop of the day was the cute little cottage that fit well into the whole concept that Anja created.

"We have to invite the whole extended family!" - That is what some couples think. But no, this is YOUR day, YOUR wedding, YOUR story. You get to decide who will be there. Anja and Arno had a fantastic day will all of their closest friends and family. That is what truly matters.

** Please note: Due to strict European laws (General Data Protection Regulation) I cannot include as many photographs of individuals (wedding guests) as I would like to.

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