Graduation Session at Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach, FL

Graduating from university is one of the biggest steps in one's life. Another chapter in your life finished. And a whole different world waiting for you. You have worked so hard towards this goal - your dream degree but now it is time for a new start. For most people, graduating means that they will move to a new city - new job (for some the first ever!), new surroundings, new people.

All of this also means that you will have to find new friends, have to pay your own bills, and all of the other "adult things" that life throws at you (including getting up early, going to work every day AND doing your own laundry - all the tough stuff 😉 ) While this may seem hard for many people we should try to see the opportunity in it. New beginnings also mean that we can start all over - every thing that we did not do so well on before we can improve now. NOW is the perfect time to begin again.

When your roommate graduates you are excited for her! It took her years of hard work and long nights to finally be awarded her diploma. She pushed through it which makes you so proud. At the same time you feel the sadness within you because you know that her room will be vacant soon and with it comes a strange feeling of emptiness in your heart. Do you know the feeling when your heart and stomach feel the loneliness? That is the one I am talking about. You are torn apart between being thrilled seeing her so happy about the new adventures she will have but at the same time know that you will miss her so much.

All the best Tyler! Come down and visit us!! We love you so much!!!

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