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        Category: GRADUATION

        March 21, 2020

        Washington Oaks Gardens State Park | Senior Photographer

        Having your senior photos taken at the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park (close to Palm Coast, FL) is a really good idea! It offers so many different spots throughout the park and the rocks on the be...
        January 5, 2020

        Tim | Senior

        It was in the early morning on a Sunday when we met to take Tim's High School Senior photos. We did not realize it was going to be this cold and the wind definitely did not help at all. While Tim's ol...
        December 15, 2019

        JT | Senior

        JT and his family are great! They are all so much fun to be around with! You are constantly laughing until you just need to stop because your cheeks hurt so much :) Moments like these make me so happy...
        May 9, 2019

        Graduation Session at Embry-Riddle

        Graduating from university is one of the biggest steps in one's life. Another chapter in your life finished. And a whole different world waiting for you. You have worked so hard towards this goal - yo...