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        June 10, 2020

        Fun family session in Ormond Beach

        Oh what a difference a year makes!!! I already photographed the Vernon family on the beautiful red beaches in Ormond Beach last June so you can only imagine how excited I was when she emailed me that ...
        March 21, 2020

        Washington Oaks Gardens State Park | Senior Photographer

        Having your senior photos taken at the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park (close to Palm Coast, FL) is a really good idea! It offers so many different spots throughout the park and the rocks on the be...
        January 5, 2020

        Tim | Senior

        It was in the early morning on a Sunday when we met to take Tim's High School Senior photos. We did not realize it was going to be this cold and the wind definitely did not help at all. While Tim's ol...
        December 29, 2019

        Family Mini Session on the beach

        By now it should be obvious that I love inquiries from families that spend their vacation in Florida and want to take beach photos. I love this opportunity for awesome travel memories! Christina and h...
        December 15, 2019

        JT | Senior

        JT and his family are great! They are all so much fun to be around with! You are constantly laughing until you just need to stop because your cheeks hurt so much :) Moments like these make me so happy...
        November 28, 2019

        Amber & Cody | Fresh 48

        Remember the gorgeous maternity photos of Amber and Cody at Green Springs Park? Meet their newest addition to their little family: Rowan. What a cutie he is! And oh, so many different facial expressio...
        October 17, 2019

        Ashley & Jordan | Pregnancy Surprise Announcement

        Trust me on this one: You want to get tissues before you scroll down.. you have been warned! :-D    Ashley first contacted me about taking photos on the beach during their vacation in Ormon...
        September 30, 2019

        Amber & Cody | Maternity

        Do you know those people that are just so cute and perfect together? The couple that you just want to watch together ALL.DAY.LONG. (in a totally non-creepy way, of course!) Do you know a couple like t...
        September 10, 2019

        Family session in Ormond Beach

        Boy, did we have tons of fun during this shoot. Just look at this gorgeous family of seven! Yup, you read that one right. Mom, Dad, 2 girls and 3 boys. And each and every one was excited to take photo...
        June 15, 2019

        Jasmine & Ivan | Lifestyle Newborn

        Home Sweet Home. Finally as a family of three. They have been waiting for this for so long. Now it is time to just enjoy every single moment. Time to snuggle up! Take in that new baby smell. Nothing b...
        May 25, 2019

        Ormond Beach Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | Advent Health Daytona

        This cute Baby Boy finally made his appearance and look at all those happy faces!! Oh... The first couple of days as a parent.. those fleeting moments. Everything changes so quickly. New parents say t...
        May 18, 2019

        Jasmine & Ivan | Maternity

        You have probably all heard it before: pregnant women are glowing. And what can I say? Just look how radiant, how proud Jasmine looks. Could we please talk about those powerful goddess photos at the e...