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        “Hey, wanna go to the beach tomorrow morning to take some photos? It’s gonna be really early though sunrise is at 6:51 AM” What else could a Daytona Beach photographer make happy than taking photos at the beach?

        We didn’t know what we signed up for. Not only was is super early when we got there but because it was only February it was also still very cold at this time of the day. The wind didn’t help to make us feel warmer either. But Tyler rocked it!

        Isn’t it nice to have such a cute roommate that is willing to get up so early for photos?! And we had so much fun! It was like our own little dance party. What is nice about this time of the day is that it is very likely that you won’t see anybody else around you. Makes the work SO much easier.

        Can we just take a minute to talk about that fierce look in her eyes? Or her ballerina moves? As a matter of fact Tyler wanted to become a ballerina at some point in her life. If you ask yourself why some photos look so foggy in the background – it is because it indeed is fog! If you ask me, it adds quite a cool touch to the beach photos though. The same goes for the red sand that you can find in Ormond Beach. What else could a photographer wish for?

        Who knew that one could have so much fun this early even when it feel so cold?!


        The Wild Meadows is a photographer based in Ormond Beach, Florida near Daytona Beach.