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Ashley & Jordan | Pregnancy Surprise Announcement | The Wild Meadows
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        Trust me on this one: You want to get tissues before you scroll down.. you have been warned! 😀 


        Ashley first contacted me about taking photos on the beach during their vacation in Ormond Beach. After confirming all the details she sent me another email saying that she had kept a secret from her husband and wanted to let me know about it. She is PREGNANT!!! She had found out during their trip so we secretly planned everything together – even how we will have a video of the surprise without it being obvious (I told Jordan that my friend was filming some behind the scenes for me to post later).

        We wanted to catch the sunrise so we met shortly after 7AM. Poor Jordan had no idea what was gonna happen to him. I was giving them some posing prompts and we were going to do the same prompt one more time but this time Ashley turned around with the letter board in her hands that said “YOU’RE GOING TO BE A DAD!”

        Jordan was in shock!!! They had been waiting for this news for so long and it was finally becoming a reality. They were about to be parents! “Are you sure? When did you take the test?” While they enjoyed that moment I was crying behind the camera with them.

        After the cat was out of the bag they were even happier than before, so excited for the future! “Should we go into the water?” LET’S DO IT! They braved the big waves (see the photos – big YES for brave clients) and it was all so worth it. Sorry to their Uber driver – they probably made a mess in the car. Oops 🙂


        Thank you two so much!! I am so so happy to have been able to capture this special surprise with you!!! Hope to see you soon (all three of you! <3 )