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Amber & Cody | Maternity | The Wild Meadows
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        Do you know those people that are just so cute and perfect together? The couple that you just want to watch together ALL.DAY.LONG. (in a totally non-creepy way, of course!) Do you know a couple like this? Yes? That couple is Amber and Cody!

        The way they treat each other, how they talk to each other. Just every single interaction between them is so kind, loving, and most importantly respectful. You can already tell how Cody will be as a father – gentle, patient, loving and just full of support in any way. I know that the love they have for each other will only grow bigger and will be passed onto their little one once they become a little family. I cannot wait to see them soon for when their little boy will be born.

        When I started talking to Amber about all the details about their maternity session I remembered this one dress that I had seen online. I knew it was gonna look gorgeous on her so I went ahead and bought it. It was perfect for her! The color of the dress and her long blonde hair go together so well. I am glad she liked it as much and decided to keep it on for the whole session!

        We went to the Green Springs Park in Deltona, Florida which was the ideal location for what we had visioned. The color of the spring is just unreal! Can you believe they braved climbing onto the tree? Cody was there all along to make sure Amber was safe. While we were taking photos we actually spotted a little baby gator in the water, too.

        I am so happy to meet Amber, Cody, and their new addition Rowan soon.

        UPDATE: You can find their Fresh48 session from the Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine here.