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Amber & Cody | Fresh 48 | The Wild Meadows
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        Remember the gorgeous maternity photos of Amber and Cody at Green Springs Park? Meet their newest addition to their little family: Rowan. What a cutie he is! And oh, so many different facial expressions.

        Oh baby smells! There is nothing better in this world! I was so excited when Amber told me that she was going to have Rowan that day. After nine months of waiting to meet the love of their lives it was finally time for Amber and Cody to meet their own son.

        Unfortunately, we only had a little time to take photos because the doctors were getting them ready for discharge. We made it just in time before they were able to go home and get settled into their new life. And you can tell by only looking at the photos that they were made for their role of parents. They were so caring – but not just with Rowan but also with each other. I loved that so much! They were not only parents of this precious boy now, but still partners. This is so important!

        This is what I love about Fresh 48 – those sessions are lifestyle photography so we capture the moments as they happen. No posing required. They will never be this small again, their look will change every day. Your life is basically turned upside down – but in the most precious way possible. Just look at those tiny toes! 

        So we squeezed in as much as we could in the time that we had. I wanted to make sure to capture all those details but also include some with Amber and Cody. So I rolled Rowan over to the super small hospital window and tried my best with what little light I had in there. Remember how I always mentioned how you can feel the connection and love between Amber and Cody? Keep on scrolling down and you will see all of this in their eyes when they look at each other or at their own creation. There was so much love in this room <3

        Thank you for trusting me to capture those first moments as a family!


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